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Just start creating an online business

Are you thinking about creating your own online business? Awesome. What's holding you back?

Starting an online business can seem like an overwhelming challenge. The truth is launching is relatively easy; it's building a successful online business which is hard. Let's go over the different options for your project and how to create the highest chances for success.

First, let's go over a simple checklist that will help guide you to the right path.

1. Is your business selling something? If yes, is it a Product or Service?
2. Can clients/visitors/customers purchase/schedule online?
3. Will your site offer guarantees? example:30 days
4. Is your business local, national, or international?
5. How will your business engage with people? Phone, email, video, in-person, or a combo of the listed?
6. Do you have a brand?
7. What existing assets do you have? Logo, network, following,

Ok now that we've covered some of the basics lets dive a little deeper.

Online business breakdown.

measure  + manage


Where are you located?  Website, Facebook, Youtube, Shopify...etc. Starting an online business needs a location. Most start with a website and develop a social channel distribution network. This infrastructure works with most companies.


How are you providing service/products to your consumers or clientele? Are you drop shipping or packaging in-house? Do you have CRM(customer relations management) system to organize and deliver?


Online marketing has a variety of options. Do you have a marketing budget? If your on a short budget or no budget creating great content will be your answer. Engaging and shareable content for your online business takes some out of the box thinking. Get creative and test a lot. If you have a reasonable budget still start with content creation to test and validate what's working then boost with paid marketing methods.

Measure and Manage

You can't manage what you don't measure. Take the time to connect your business to analytics. This will be your insight on how to grow the future and for understanding the past.

My process for creating an online business is broken down into three parts.

1. Launch - Just start. Don't over analyze. Your first edition will be shit.
2. Refinement - Rock Tumbler.  Use feedback to refine. Build your network.
3. Growth- Get that first real attainable goal. First client, sale, or customer.

Take all these things into consideration then, JUST START!!! Your building a business and it needs to be treated as such. Don't wait and let your idea, project, business, or product die because you didn't try.

Start with creating a website. Whether you Do It Yourself or hire an awesome company like Joe 2 Joe.


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