What's Your
Website Score?

Okay. You know you need keywords, but that’s about it, right? Wrong. Sure, you need keywords, but do you know which specific words and phrases are popular in your industry? Do you know how to find out? Do you know how to properly place and apply them in your site content? We do!

And what about negative SEO? Yep, it’s a thing. Negative SEO is a practice used by your competitors – a cheating practice – meant to intentionally harm and obscure your site. Auditing for negative SEO lets you see where these problems might occur and acts as a shield for your site.

You’ve already got a site? Cool.But is your site working for you? Is it really bringin’ home the bacon? Knockin’ it out of the park? Ask yourself these questions:How much traffic are you getting?Does your site function easily and properly?How does your site look and feel when looked at with the eyes of an end user?How engaged are your current visitors and followers?

Eating spinach worked for Popeye, but this leafy green won’t do anything for you’re the health of your site. Auditing your site’s health helps identify critical things like:
Site architecture
Content gaps
Technical gaps
Site speedKPIs (when you know what these are, you can identify and measure all the rest)

Being active on social media is important, especially if you want organic and qualified visits to your site. Think targeting with relevance. If you can reach the people (visibility) who want what you have, they’ll come knockin’ (engagement).

Weakness is cool if it’s in reference to your knees when you think of Angelina Jolie (*or insert whoever everyone is digging right now) or Chris Hemsworth (*no need to change this one). But weakness in reference to your site security – not so cool. A website security audit can identify vulnerabilities that can lead to security breaches. The last thing you want is for your site to expose your or your customers’ sensitive information.