Social Media Marketing

Tweet? Retweet? Like and Share? And what the hell is Reedsy?Don’t worry – we know the lingo. We’ve got your back.

The major search engines are recognizing that social updates deserve indexing, too! Updates, personal and business profiles, and even user comments are popping up on the results page. If content is King, social interaction is his beautifully equal Queen. We’ll deliver the social media marketing strategy that takes your game to next-level star status.

Now, actually posting your social content isn’t – or shouldn’t be – like shooting arrows in the dark. What are your target users getting down to right now? What moves them? Plan specific posts that not only touch on your users’ interests but that also showcase why you’re the best – because you are!

Ever wished you could see the future? You can! Listening to your followers – and users who simply mention you online – and then actively engaging with them is like an arrow that splits on impact directly on target. Monitoring social media helps identify consumer behavior which gives you the fortune-telling gift of predicting future behavior. Armed with that knowledge, you can react like magic.

When you compile and analyze the information from listening and engaging, you’ll discover patterns emerging – those are your KPIs, or key performance indicators, which you can further analyze to see what may need tweaking. Measuring those results over time puts you in pole position for amazing success. Don’t worry – we’ll drive!

You might be tired of the word “campaign” – but in digital marketing, there’s no getting away from it. Your ad campaign can make or break your business goals. Our Joes know their stuff – we’ll take what works and toss the rest, leaving behind a legacy that – okay, okay. We’ll help you grow.